Medical Acupuncture for Ear Nose Throat Problems

Reaching beyond typical western medical practices, Dr. Ochi incorporates medical acupuncture to provide pain relief & faster recovery times for his pediatric ENT patients.

Medical Acupuncture for Ear, Nose & Throat Problems

After nearly 30 years of successfully treating many problems associated with pediatric ear, nose & throat conditions, Dr. Ochi began searching for a better way to reduce pain and discomfort caused by corrective surgeries needed to treat these conditions.

During his search Dr. Ochi found that integrating Medical Acupuncture during surgery could greatly reduce post operative pain and shorten recovery time for his pediatric patients. Continuing his training to become one of the only pediatric ENT specialtists in the United States board certified in both ENT as well as Medical Acupuncture, Dr. Ochi is able to incorporate the healing & pain relieving aspects of eastern medicine into his San Diego ear, nose & throat practice.

How Does Medical Acupuncture Work?

During your child’s ENT procedure Dr. Ochi can perform acupuncture techniques while your child is under anesthesia to help reduce your child’s postoperative pain and shorten recovery time.

Acupressure techniques, which are similar to acupuncture but without the use of needles, can also be used to relieve different ear, nose & throat symptoms. Dr. Ochi has found success using acupressure to relieve pain in children - especially helpful if the child is refusing or not tolerating pain medication. Allergy suffers may also benefit from accupressure treatment to help reduce or eliminate their dependency on long term allergy medications.

If your child is suffering from an ear, nose & throat problem, Dr. Ochi may be able to incorporate medical acupuncture into your child’s treatment to relieve pain and reduce medications. Contact Children’s ENT of San Diego to schedule an appointment today.