Tonsil Adenoid Removal in Children

Tonsillectomy is one of the most common surgical procedures done today. Dr. Ochi has a high rate of success in relieving symptoms with this treatment.

Tonsil & Adenoid Problems in Children

For nearly 30 years, Dr. Ochi and the staff of Children's ENT of San Diego have successfully treated thousands of children with tonsil and adenoid issues. As an innovator in tonsillectomy surgery, Dr. Ochi is one of the only doctors in the United States currently incorporating the pain relieving benefits of medical acupuncture into his pediatric ENT practice. Along with the warm and comfortable atmosphere of Children’s ENT of San Diego, your child is sure to feel comfort and relief in the care of Dr. Ochi.

Symptoms of Tonsil & Adenoid Problems

Children can experience many different problems associated with their tonsils and adenoids while growing up. Problems are typically caused by tonsils & adenoids which obstruct the airway leading to difficulty breathing, sleeping or swallowing. Tonsilitis and sleep apnea are just two examples of common conditions related to tonsil & adenoid problems that Dr. Ochi and the staff at Children’s ENT of San Diego treat regularly.

Treatment for Tonsil & Adenoid Problems

If your child is suffering from tonsil & adenoid problems, Dr. Ochi will prescribe a treatment plan tailored specifically to your child’s needs. If surgery is necessary, you can feel confident knowing that Dr. Ochi uses the latest surgical techniques and can incorporate medical acupuncture to reduce postoperative pain and shorten recovery time, making your child’s experience more comfortable.

If you think your child is currently suffering from problems associated with their tonsils & adenoids, contact Children’s ENT of San Diego to schedule an appointment today.